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At TCL, we offer a range of services to our customers. Among these is our lab service. Our laboratory (LAS-003) was deemed an accredited Laboratory on the 2nd November 2011 by the local accreditation body, TTLABS. This certifies that our lab fulfills the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for physical testing, namely ASTM C109 and ASTM C191. Accreditation according to the ISO/IEC standard is a fundamental achievement to us as only a few organisations have earned this accomplishment regionally. This demonstrates our competence to produce accurate and reliable test data and our commitment to continuous improvement in this area. A significant aspect of being an accredited Laboratory is a thorough and continuous evaluation of the Laboratory’s Quality Management System against the ISO/IES 17025 standard for compliance in both Management and Technical criteria.

Some of the tests conducted at our lab include:

Compression strength testing of:

  • concrete cylinders
  • cubes
  • grouts

The reference test methods include:

  • ASTM C109
  • ASTM C39


How to request testing services:

To request our lab services simply follow the guidelines below:

  • Deliver samples to our lab at least one (1) day before testing is required. You will be asked to complete a requisition form upon delivery.
  • Label all samples with Date Cast, Ref. No. and Company Name.
  • You will receive a Laboratory Service Voucher for payment to be made at the Cashier’s Office (please note the Cashier’s Office closes at 3:00pm Monday to Friday).
  • After payment, return a copy of the stamped Laboratory Service Voucher to the lab.
  • When testing is complete, a certificate with the results will be faxed or e-mailed to you after 24 hours.

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