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While construction continues apace, CEMEX TCL is pleased to be the preferred supplier of cement and admixtures for the St. Jude Hospital in St. Lucia, and equally happy for the  opportunity to be playing such an important role in the country’s health security at this critical time. 

Our involvement arose from long-standing relationships with M&C Home Depot and Total Construction, two of the island’s major distributors, as well as Fresh Start Construction, main contractor for the project. Fresh Start has also been successfully building concrete roads in St. Lucia with the support of CEMEX TCL

Through our value proposition strategy, which goes beyond the buyer - vendor relationship, we have been providing technical support for the hospital build from batch plant set up and calibration, to mix design creations and periodic visits to monitor the quality of the finished structural concrete elements. All the mix designs are being created using CEMEX Technology and spearheaded by our Group Industrial and Commercial Advisor, Maneesh “Ray” Dhanoo who was trained on this at CEMEX, Puerto Rico.

CEMEX TCL is committed to on-time delivery of its expertise and brands for the successful completion of this essential project!