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Women of our Trinidad business units came together on March 11 to celebrate International Women’s Day at TCL’s training room. The atmosphere was filled with happiness while our female counterparts openly shared inspiring mstories and gained valuable insights from feature speakers, Maxine Attong and Cavelle Joseph St. Ayer. General Manager, Guillermo Rojo also shared in the occasion, which featured entertainment by ?????, In celebration, the ladies danced and even serenaded special birthday girl, Ariel Ramgoolam (strategic planning).

TCL has just completed another successful 2-day training session on Health & Safety. 100% of TCL’s employees have now benefitted from this training, putting the company among the very few operations worldwide that have accomplished such a challenge given the large investment in time and resources.

Facilitator and RML’s HSE Officer, Anthony Ferguson created the right environment for highly interactive and engaging sessions, which took place on January 15 & 16 at the company’s training room. Employees were provided with the knowledge and tools to reinforce safe behaviours and practices for becoming safety leaders.

Attendees had their thinking caps on throughout the session, resulting in a rich exchange of ideas and insights for continuous H&S improvement. Moreover, role playing was quite entertaining with serious yet funny presentations by the various groups.

Congratulations Team TCL on this big step forward in fulfilling our Zero for Life mandate!