Tobago Tag - Trinidad Cement Limited Thu, 06 Aug 2020 15:38:06 -0400 en-gb Programs of Study Aimed at Construction Careers When considering your career path it's always best to include your education options. Last week we looked at which careers in construction earn higher wages. So today we will take a look at some local and international schools.

University of the West Indies:
The UWI offers Undergraduate courses in Engineering including Civil Engineering ,  Land Management and  Industrial Engineering.  A full list of the Engineering programs can be seen here:


University of Trinidad and Tobago:
UTT offers programmes in Engineering, including Marine and Avionics Engineering. They also have a number of Safety courses which can enhance the resume of persons interested in on site positions.   A full listing of UTT's programs can be found here:


Cipriani College of Labour:
Cipriani College has programs in Occupational Health and Safety and Project Management. Check out their website here:


University of Technology - Jamaica:

UTECH offers a Bachelors program in Architectural Studies which has just been approved by the GATE program of Trinidad and Tobago. See the UTECH website here:

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