drilling Tag - Trinidad Cement Limited https://www.tcl.co.tt/index.php/media-centre/blog/latest Wed, 05 Aug 2020 15:35:29 -0400 en-gb Cement Technology for Trinidad Drilling Academy https://www.tcl.co.tt/index.php/media-centre/blog/entry/cement-technology-for-trinidad-drilling-academy https://www.tcl.co.tt/index.php/media-centre/blog/entry/cement-technology-for-trinidad-drilling-academy The TCL Learning Academy was pleased to partner with the NESC Drilling Academy to host our seminar: "Cement Technology for Trinidad Drilling Academy". The seminar took place on Friday 8th August in Ste Madeline. There were 25 drilling students who participated in the seminar that covered the basics of cement and moved into the uses of concrete in the Gas and Oil industry.

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