advantages Tag - Trinidad Cement Limited Wed, 05 Aug 2020 15:19:45 -0400 en-gb Advantages of Concrete Roadways There are several advantages to using Concrete for road ways as opposed to Asphalt. Below we explore some of those positives. 

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Advantages of Concrete There are many reasons to choose concrete as your material of choice when building.  We have listed 11.  Check them out below!

  1. Concrete possesses a high compressive strength and is not subjected to corrosive and weathering effects.
  2. Concrete can be easily handled and moulded into any shape.
  3. Concrete can be sprayed in and filled into fine cracks for repairs by via the Gunting process.
  4. In Reinforced Cement Concrete(R.C.C), concrete and steel form a solid combination because the coefficients of expansion of concrete and steel are nearly equal.
  5. Construction of all types of structures is possible by reinforcing the concrete with steel. Even earthquake-resistant structures can be constructed.
  6. Cinder concrete can be used as a sound proofing material.
  7. Where strength is not a main requirement, concrete's fire-resistant, good insulation and light weight properties are major considerations. light weight concrete is advantageous.
  8. concrete can be pumped and hence it can be laid in difficult positions. e.g 
  9. Form work can be used a number of times for similar jobs which result in economy.
  10. When compared to other building materials concrete is more economical in the long run.
  11. Frequent repairs are not needed for concrete structures Concrete gains strength with age.

Source: Construction engineering Blog. 

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