International accreditation is important to any degree holder - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, has made this one of their highest priorities as they seek to sustain and improve the accreditation process for all courses of study under Engineering and Computing Sciences.

Across the world, IEEE is taking an active role in ensuring that voluntary, peer based accreditation processes are being developed and standardized. Members of the IEEE work with several key players in the accreditation process:

The IEEE also has a Committee on Global Accreditation Activities  (CGAA), a standing committee that reports to the Educational Activities Board through the Accreditation Policy Council (APC). The committee acts as a support system for the development and operation of independent accrediting bodies concerned with programs of Engineering, Computing and Technology where they currently do not exist. They supply a number of consulting services and technical assistance to interested government and academic leaders.

The organisation’s overall goal is the continued growth and continued peer based development of the field of engineering. To see more on the organisation's work and its history or to simply keep abreast of its publications and upcoming events, follow the link to the website: